LED wall washer

وصف المنتج:


1). Adopting super bright 1W high power LED as light source, single color and full color available; Constant laid-in driver;

2). The housing is good for heat-disspation, longer life span;

3). Easy for installation, high work efficiency, no strobe frequency;

4). With DMX signal, when more than 100M,RGB amplifier should be used to enlarge DMX signal; The lighting length is 8-50M;

5). Widely used in wall decoration lighting, stage, showcase, cabinet, counter, meeting room, ancient building crowd, and architectural decoration lighting.


 Model: BL-WL9/18/36*1W-24C
 Voltage:  DC24V/AC220V
 Power:  9W/18W/36W    PF 0.95
 LED Qty.:  9/18/36PCS (1W high power) 90-100LM/W
 Color:  R,G,B,Y,P,WW,W,RGB
 Raw material:  Aluminium alloy
 IP rank:  IP65/IP68
 Angle:  30/45/60 °
 Size:  (L)300/600/1000*(W)76*(H)70mm
 Working temperature:  -20 ~ 45℃


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